Friday, October 12, 2007

Miss You Aunt Sara!

It was never my intention to post only once a month... :). We've been having fun with Sara here! She just returned form the Tucson, AZ mission in August. She visited Dave and Kimi in Chicago, IL and then came to D.C. for two weeks!! We loved learning a little Spanish from her, hearing about her mission, and making food with her. Eliza LOVES having a special buddy and Ramona loved being carried everywhere in the baby bjorn by her auntie. Eliza loves to see the pictures we took with Aunt Sara. Here are some pages of our fun:

The National Archives
Sara and Eliza (2.5 years)

Forever Buddies
The National Arboretum
The Bonsai and Penjing Museum
Sara and Ramona (5 months)

Sara also made possible a few Halloween photo shoots. I'll post those pages later. Thanks for all the fun Sara!

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