Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Decline of Fall

Now that fall is almost over I had better post those photos that I meant to do a few weeks ago. Ramona is rolling across the room and sitting up almost completely on her own. Here's a page about her learning to sit. When I scrapped this page she was still falling every time I sat her up. Now she's sitting on her own for a while and when she falls it's usually intentional, to be able to reach or roll to something.

We love the fall in Virginia; it's just starting to get cold here now. We went to the Fall Festival at Cox Farms last month with other law students' families and ever since then Eliza asks if she can go to the farm to see the cows. As soon as it was in sight Eliza was squealing and giggling with excitement. She loved being with the other kids, fearlessly sliding down slides and climbing up hills to get to them. She played in the hay and with the goats. Mona cried during the entire hay ride, but Eliza loved it. We had apples (Eliza's first whole apple) and cider. Of course, we took photos! We had so much fun there, it will have to be a new tradition. (It was in the mid 80's that day!)

This one is a two-page layout, click on it for a better view. "I Heart Fall."

We'll be back soon with a post for Thanksgiving! :)

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