Monday, January 21, 2008

Christmas In D.C.

The past two years we've gone to Utah and Arizona for Christmas and haven't made it to the Christmas sights here.

We enjoyed seeing the Christmas lights and Nativities at the D.C. Temple and going to the special displays at the Botanic Gardens.

A couple of the Nativities:

Tom and Eliza at the Botanic Gardens:

The trains!!

Here are some photos of Eliza inside the gardens:

The Botanic Gardens have a mini version of the mall made from mostly plants! I'll show you a few, in case you've yet to see them. Here's the Jefferson Memorial, made from a GOURD! Jefferson has moss hair!

Here are the girls, in front of the Smithsonian Castle... CHOCOLATE, YUM!!

Tom and Eliza in front of the Supreme Court.

I did manage to scrap one of all of us in front of the Capitol!

On the way out, Daddy was holding both girls. This is too cute!

On December 26th, we visited the Air and Space Museum in Dulles. It was very cool, as D.J. said! Here are Tom and Eliza in front of Daddy's cool, sleek, favorite!

Ramona and Mommy, in front of Jen's vintage favorite. It looks like a cartoon plane!

We also saw the Enola Gay and the Concord. After seeing the planes we went to the IMAX theater and saw a fighter pilot show. We thought it was fantastic!

So we had a few memorable adventures around D.C., had fun with ward members who also stayed here, did some reading, organizing, and relaxing!

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Cheryl and William said...

fun! I've always wanted to go, but have never been. I'll need to put in for my next trip . . . whenever that will be