Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

So a little love, even late, never hurt - Happy Valentines Day!! We love you bunches!

This was actually Mona's 9th month - she's 9 months! I did a page summarizing the major things that happened this month. Basically, she has been talking, singing, standing (and falling), she has long hair, and eight teeth!

Ramona hasn't wasted any time putting standing to use - she has made her way into the cupboards, is finding a better view, and is reaching the things Eliza can reach.

Eliza loves being independent and one of her new favorite ways to do this is by dressing herself. A little while ago she squeezed into her sister's dress, yes a two-year-old in a 6-12 month dress! The day I took these photos she put her shirt on (sticking out the back) and did the buttons. She zipped her dress up (backward), and put her shoes on (the wrong feet). Then she came to me and said, "Mommy, Eziza did a wonderful, good job!" She did, and we had to get photos of it.

By the way, Eliza loves to wear dresses. She says she wants to get dressed and she means it. To dress, is to put a dress on.


mookie said...

VERY cute. i love "Eziza's" dress on backwards. we're just getting to the defiant "i will do it myself" stage. seems like you're handling it well!

Ryan and Megan Roe said...

Oh these girls are so darling. I love the little things Eliza says. And Mona has 8 teeth? Man, she's passing Ethan up in many, many different ways.

Vanessa said...

Your girls are GORGEOUS! And they have the coolest names, too. I hope have the honor of meeting them in person some day :) Hope and the family are well.


Lauren said...

I always forget to comment because I look at blogs while I'm feeding but... your girls and pages are so cute. I hope that I'll be able to create some pages just like yours someday. Maybe once we get settle in, I'll have some free time. I also hope you guys are doing well and made it through the snow.