Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Two Birthdays

Eliza turned three in April, and Ramona one in May.

For her third birthday, Eliza began the day with pancakes, syrup and strawberries. She was eager to ride her bike, wear her princess dress, and of course, eat cake! Eliza first wore her princess dress. She rode her bike on the balcony - pedaling will come soon... Tom took the girls to the park while Jen finished the cake. Grandma and Grandpa called that afternoon. Eliza had ravioli with Alfredo sauce for dinner. Jen helped her eat each bite at the end so she could eat dessert... her birthday cake! We made the chocolate buttermilk cake. She loved the frosting the most! A busy and happy birthday!

When Eliza sees this page she says "That one's my favorite! Those bugs are getting my birthday!!" The first time she saw the page she said "I want to go to that one! Mom, can you get me that chair? I want to sit on that chair!!"

She looks so grown up... time marches on.

Finding her wings. Within a week of turning eleven months, Ramona began taking steps. She had been walking along the furniture and walls. On April 14th, she put her hands up and stepped - and her face was full of joy. I think she felt free... Tom tried to get her to walk that evening. She took a few steps and cried out with glee - walking was SO fun! She laughed and shook her head, we think it was because she was amazed, and thrilled, to be walking. A day or two later, Eliza took Ramona by the hands and the two of them walked. Ramona giggled and squealed and Eliza laughed and praised her. Almost two weeks later Ramona was trying to walk all the time. Eliza was always yelling out that "Ramona is walking!" and cheering her on. Jen heard someone yell, "YAY!" and looked over to see Ramona walking. Ramona had said, "YAY!" because she was walking - free as a bird.

It's remarkable to me that Ramona is already one. We tried to have portraits taken. One of Eliza's did turn out perfect. None of Ramona's did. She had a hard time being any distance from Mom and Dad at the portrait studio. At one point we had Ramona laughing and smiling. We asked the photographer to hurry and take the photo, but she was standing there trying to decide which photo of them frowning she should delete from the camera so she would have room for more... We took this photo of Ramona at the National Arboretum a couple weeks later.

Tom and I are so thankful for these two!


William & Jamie said...

Yay - a new post! It's so fun to read about your girls and see your beautiful scrapbook pages! We hope you're having a great summer! Love you guys...

Colorado Smarts said...

Your girls are so beautiful! As always it is fun to see/hear how you are doing.

Glenn Family said...

It was so fun to see an update. Your girls are adorable! I can't believe your blog. It is amazing and so are your scrapbook pages. One day you will have to let me in on your secrets/talents.