Tuesday, September 15, 2009


boomed a voice.* "JENNYYYY," exploded/warned/threatened Tom, the first to jolt to reality. After a moment I realized that instead of buzzing at 6AM, the alarm had played the beginning of the last CD we listened to, The Screwtape Letters. These first three words of the book not only struck terror in Tom's already pounding heart, but concluded my own rather strange dream that included a round of golf with my maternal Grandfather (???). The reading was loud enough to shock a restful sleeper; thus it's understandable that Tom, already in a state of alarm (he immediately recalled being in the midst of a futile escape), was scared stiff when the stranger in our room bellowed to his nephew.

*Note: I wanted to tell this story from Tom's point of view, but when I requested that he retell his nightmare he said, "Negatory. It's not something I want to remember. The devil shouting 'WORMWOOD' is enough."

  • First week: great!
  • Second week: absent with colds, including coughing with Eliza's every utterance. We did drive Daddy to the bus stop and drop the class snacks off at school.
  • Third week (today): preceded by prayer that Eliza would be able to attend school. Eliza was much better. En route, on Tuesday at 8:40AM, Mona lost her hastily eaten breakfast. The car smelled of apples and cinnamon. Was she carsick from eating too quickly, too early, and driving for 50 minutes? Did she pick up a virus in nursery Sunday morning? We dropped the snacks off at school and headed home. She has been keeping food down and running around, and talking as usual (not that sickness ever stopped this girl). Maybe it was carsickness?

I had hopes to often record moments here, evidently it is months. As you may infer from the above, Eliza is now in school. We decided after we moved that since we couldn't be a part of the awesome preschool group we were in last year, K4 is a good alternative. (We moved in May.)

Tom's parents came shortly after to help us get settled in and celebrate with us as Tom walked. (I made him walk because he was timing contractions during BYU commencement four years ago.) We went to Tom's swearing-in ceremony in Richmond after he passed the VA Bar (YAY TOM!). Early this summer, we visited close to home with many dear relatives we haven't seen in a long time at a family reunion in D.C., and my parents visited Dave and Kimi before and stayed a bit longer after to be with us in our new place.

On July 4th we went to a patriotic concert in the National Cathedral and saw the spectacular Mall fireworks. We drove to Saratoga Springs in July where Tom took the NY bar (since he only had to take the state portion and is CRAZY about studying - we're not moving to NY), and visited Valley Forge and Philadelphia on the way. During that trip Tom and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. We went to Hattie's too - where we sampled the fried chicken made even more famous by victory in a Bobby Flay
Throwdown. This summer we've also become addicted to Pottery Barn Outlet, where we've found, significantly discounted, almost everything on our new-home-wishlist.


Tom, Eliza and Mona were casually watching "Truth in 24" an Audi car-racing documentary. A German engineer was explaining the function of the engine he designed, and concluded with the statement in a German accent, "you see, it's really very simple." With a pointed finger, Mona rose up in disagreement, "NO! NOT SIMPLE!!!"

Arkansas Cheese - In the car on the way to Leesburg, Eliza and Mona were eating lunch. Eliza said, "Mommy! Look at my Arkansas cheese!" Mommy stopped at the traffic light and turned around to see a minuscule Arkansas shape bitten out of her slice of provolone.

Mommy: "Those are some big eyes you have, Mona."
Mona: "My daddy gave me my big eyes. Thank you, Daddy!!!!!" [She ran over and gave Daddy a huge Mona-hug.]

Mona: "Mommy, I want mango. Mango does body good. Jesus said, 'Eat mango.'"

Daddy: "Mona, do you ever stop talking?"
Eliza: "No, she's always go talking."

Mommy: [While teaching Mona to say "God's covenant with Abraham"] "Do you want to say 'with Abraham?'"

Mona: "No, I want to say, 'creation fall in the garden the flood tower of Babel!'"
[Mommy & Liza burst into laughter.]

Eliza: "I want to go to Kentucky!"
Mona: "No! Kentucky has sakes!!!"
Eliza: "No, Kentucky doesn't have snakes, Nevada has snakes!"
Mona: "Oh."

Eliza: "Your last name is Andersen, your first name is Mommy, and your middle name is Jen."


Cheryl and William said...

SO adorable! And of course your kids Jenny would know what Arkansas looks like at Kindergarten! I'm greatly impressed. And super happy that you are back blogging again!!!

Alyse and Carlos said...

Ha! That made me laugh out loud. Nothing like waking up to the devil. :) And Mona is absolutely right, mango does do a body good! Sure miss you guys! Thanks for the fun post "mommy Jen Andersen!"

Boden Family said...

That's Hilarious! That would be an extremely startling way to wake up!
I loved the name quote. We have a "Daddy Paul Bunyan" at our house. :)