Thursday, August 23, 2007

Newbie In The Blogosphere...

Here's our little weblog, The Chronicle. Jen loves reading blogs and would like to share our story too so... here we go!

Our latest little adventure was in Georgetown. The day was overcast and cool. It was so nice to be outside without having to worry about Ramona's eczema flaring up from the heat. Before it started raining we saw most of the campus. Eliza loved the fish in this pool of water. Isn't she looking grown up?

A week ago we went down to Mount Vernon. We got there and realized that we'd forgotten the Bjorn and Jen's season pass. Instead of touring Washington's estate again (which we love) we ended up walking the trail along the Potomac. It was beautiful, but STEAMING HOT! We'll admit we're pretty wimpy. Eliza loves being outside, but she was so hot that she said she wanted to "go home, sit on the couch, and watch a show." Although, she would love a show anytime! Even Tom, a seasoned desert dweller, was ready to go. So after walking a short distance we snapped a few pictures and headed home. Check out Mona's huge smile! She's THREE months old!

Well, that's it for our first post. See you next time!

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Ryan and Megan Roe said...

What a darling family. I absolutely love the photo of Ramona cheesing it. Hey, welcome to the blogging world. I'm totally linking you to my blog.