Thursday, August 30, 2007

Toddler Talk

I like to record Eliza's latest sayings... lately in addition to taking notes on what Eliza says, I have to do a little research.

Recently I was cutting a cantaloupe and Eliza ran into the room and said "xi gua! I like xi gua! I'm excited (hee hee)." One of the Mandarin DVDs Tom got for Eliza has fruits and vegetables on it. Sure enough, xi gua is watermelon. Last week Eliza ran from the kitchen asking for a banana in Mandarin (I still need to look that one up). Then yesterday Eliza was counting on her fingers... "one, two, four, eight... yi, er, san, wu, shi."

Tom and Eliza are starting to communicate in Mandarin. I guess I'd better work on it too!

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