Friday, September 7, 2007

A Child Willing To Submit

We have been taught by Eliza's sweet willingness. Lately we ask her to do something and she will respond with "Okay, I want to ____." Whether it's cleaning, drinking water instead of juice, sometimes even taking a nap - she'll usually do it willingly.

Eliza loves singing. I know she's awake in the morning when I hear "SunBEAM," the ABC's, or "mommies going shhh, shhhh, shhh." One of her favorites is "The Wheels On The Bus." She has been asking for the "fish fish fish" verse for the past month. I wondered if maybe a silly nursery leader taught them a fishtailing bus verse. Yesterday I remembered that the wipers on the bus go "swish swish swish." That's her "fish!"

Ramona loves singing and dancing. She'll put her arms up and twist in her bouncer while she kicks. "Pat A Cake" brings a smile to her face at almost any time. She bursts out laughing when she goes "up and down" as a person on the bus. Eliza loves to sing to Mona to cheer her up.

At about four months old now, Ramona's hair is getting long and Daddy sometimes says it looks like a helmet. Soon we'll be able to put elastics and clips in... we did a little experimenting today. Ramona's first pigtails:

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Ryan and Megan Roe said...

Pigtails already? Lucky girl. And it does not look like a helmet.