Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ahhh to Zzzz

Just a glimpse at what they are doing:

How does she sing with all that noise?

Eliza, quizzing Ramona.

Finding the melody.

This game began when the girls were VERY excited to have the lunch that Mommy was making (too slowly).

She is absorbed with, captivated by, hooked on, preoccupied with, and really into PINK. Eliza was browsing through a catalog when a play kitchen caught her eye. She informed us that she needed a pink kitchen because it matches her ballerina dress. So we made a refrigerator and a stovetop/oven from a couple boxes, some pink construction paper, and the better part of a roll of packing tape. When she wasn't giggling and squealing with delight, she was pointing out the necessary features of her new appliances: a knob for controlling the stove and oven temperatures, an oven door and shelves and bins for her refrigerator. All pink, of course.

Pinky (as Grandpa calls her), with her refrigerator.

The next day she worked feverishly in her kitchen and was very careful to warn Ramona about the heat of the oven. She didn't waste any time putting in her order for a pink toaster, a pink telephone, and a pink bed. We'll be back with part two of the story...

Lately Mona has been... soo Mona. Yes. Makes me want to squeeze her too.
{Papers and elements from The Night Before by MK Designs and Winter Wonderfull by Cinnamon Designs. Template by Emily Powers.}

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Colorado Smarts said...

Glad to have an update! Your girls are super cute!

Also, after reading your blog, I learned that your little Ramona has some allergies to food just like my friends little girl. Sounds very similar...would it be helpful to get in touch with each other? Let me know what you think.