Monday, November 3, 2008

Moments Like These

Time for a new header and way past time for a new post! I've taken a different approach with the header. I always feel the need to update the look to the next season before I post. Maybe this will help me be better about blogging - we can hope! :)

{Credits: Metamorphosis by Emily Powers and Kathryn Wilson at}

Today we watched videos we had taken the past couple of years and hadn't been able to view because we needed to convert the file type. [Thanks to Tom and some new software, we have included our first video in the post below. :)] We had so many laughs over the things we had all but completely forgotten... how Mona sounded as she sang and growled just months ago... the joy in Eliza's "whee" as she slid down the slide... I ran across video clips of Eliza when she was Mona's age and found I could barely remember what it was like when she was so little - only 2 years ago! I felt a tug on my heart as I thought about how the moments fade into years and the time has flown before I know it. I'm sure you know how that feels. As I created this header I found this word art. It seemed just right.

Here's a cute memory from this week:
After breakfast Eliza was wandering around and Mommy asked her if she is finished with her plate. Eliza answered yes and took it into the kitchen. Ramona was still eating and said, "Na na!!" She pointed at Eliza's napkin on the table and said again, "NA NA!!" I told Eliza that Ramona wanted her to throw away her napkin. Eliza said, "Oh, sorry!" She picked it up to throw it away and Ramona said, "Thanks!"
We've been busy the past couple of months. Tom finished two of his classes in the first two months of the semester. I have begun to dabble in designing digital scrapbook kits. Eliza has been going to ballet and preschool. Ramona has been trying some new foods! We discovered "The Whole Foods Cookbook," for families with allergies. Mona has tried many of her "firsts" this past week. It was so fun to see her eat bread! I enjoyed serving everyone the same meal. Now if I could just get everyone to eat it. :)


Texas Schaacks said...

It's so fun to hear an update from the Andersens! What darling girls you have. Love the picture on the header.

Boden Family said...

What a cute story! Your girls are adorable!