Monday, November 2, 2009

General Conference

Tom flew in to Utah and the next day we enjoyed hearing Grandma & Grandpa Andersen relate experiences and share inspiring messages at the Donetsk, Ukraine mission reunion in Orem. As Grandpa spoke, Eliza turned to Grandma and said, "He's a good talker."
Ahhh, General Conference. We attended within the Conference Center on Saturday. This year Eliza played General Conference Bingo. She was quite determined - I had to smile when she said, "Mona, we're trying to listen to Conference," and "I can't hear what the prophet is saying."Grandma took us to Mimi's Saturday evening. Eliza was anxiously calling for macaroni and cheese when the waitress surprised her by bringing it from the direction opposite that which she was expecting. I've missed being part of a girls night during the Priesthood session(8-10PM is probably too late anyway:)).

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