Monday, November 2, 2009

This Is The Place

Hello beautiful Utah.
Thanks to both Grandmas and Grandpas we spent two fun-filled weeks with some family and friends we miss so much.
When Eliza saw the stewardess handing out napkins with drinks she exclaimed, "They have United States napkins!!!" She observed that we've never had any napkins with the U.S. on them at our house. I explained that Southwest has them made specially for use on their airplanes. These napkins are not sold in stores because people don't buy napkins with Southwest printed on them. "I would buy them," she informed me. Maybe she's right. There's probably a market out there for educational napkins (although not necessarily the Southwest version).

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Colorado Smarts said...

Looks like you had a great vacation! We took our kids to the Zing Zang Zoom circus as well here in Denver and they loved it! Fun to catch up with what you are up to!