Monday, March 31, 2008

Welcome Spring!

Here we are for our monthly update... as the trend currently stands. We also have a new blog look, to replace our Christmas header, and just for spring in D.C.! We are so excited for spring! Earlier this month Jen went into the living/dining room of our apartment one morning and flipped on the light. Eliza said, "Thank you Mommy, for turning on the orange light." She was very sincere in her appreciation, but Jen thought, "She's right! We're ready for spring!"

As you can tell from our header, we visited the cherry blossoms, which were beautiful! It was pretty windy; Ramona was grinding her teeth because she was so cold. Eliza didn't want to look at the camera, she would rather huddle up next to Tom for warmth. We only stayed about a half hour, but we're glad we took at least this peek after seeing them when they were mostly gone last year.

This year spring brought a nice surprise... our first spring break ever! Tom is in school full-time this year and free of school and work during spring break. March 5th we went up to Gettysburg, PA. We were four of the handful of tourists exploring there that day. At the visitor's center we purchased a CD and book guide that we enjoyed very much. It brought to life these events that had passed and we are thankful to have had this experience. It was cold and windy the day were were there, but we did jump out of our car a few times for a better look and some photos. This is the battlefield:

Here's the view of the battlefield from the other side, on Little Round Top.

After we completed the tour we decided to eat a a little place we saw near the cemetery and visitor's center, Tommy's Pizza. With a name like that, it must be good. The pizza was yummy.

That weekend, Jen's cousin Jodi came to D.C. with her family. Ryan had a work conference here and they had a week to spend sight-seeing here again after living here for a year and moving to Alabama last year (we've missed you)!! We had fun seeing how Joshua and Marin have grown and loved meeting sweet baby Jared! We went to the National Zoo with them one day, here they are in the fantastic panda habitat. Jen thinks these walls are too cool.

Eliza had a ball with Joshua and Marin! Here are a few photos of the kids.

That same week we had a couple days with Carlos, Tom's brother-in-law! He had spring break and some business here in D.C., and nieces to see! :) We had fun catching up with him and enjoying his company. He took some time and gave us a fabulous violin lesson too!

We have some Easter pages, but we'll have to do that later.
Thanks for the visit!! HUGS!



Fun to see what you've been up to. I love the cherry blossoms. It was always something my family tried to get to when we lived in NC.

McConkies said...

So glad to see you guys are having a good time. Glad you got to have a better peak at the blossoms: I definitely am missing those this spring. We love and miss you guys. Jen, you look beautiful in the photos!

Boden Family said...

Hey Jen! I'm finally catching up on this commenting thing...even though I've been checking in on this site since you started posting. I love your header. It's so pretty. I'm definitely going to have to get some tips from you, or maybe I'll just have you design one for me in all your spare time. ;)